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5 Positions You Can Try during Labor

In contrast to the habits that have been carried out so far, it turns out the lying down position for too long is not necessarily good for supporting the smooth delivery process. Therefore, try various other body positions to help labor go smoothly. The process of giving birth can make you feel uncomfortable, especially with the appearance of painful contractions or back pain. Fortunately this can be overcome by changing your body position, you know! The right position can also help you get your little one out into the world more easily. 5 Positions to Help Childbirth The following are some positions to help with labor that you can try, from contraction to waiting for straining time to arrive: 1. Standing or walking When you feel the signs of wanting to give birth, you might think that the best thing that can make you comfortable is lying in bed. However, that thinking is wrong. Leaving your body upright can actually help you stronger to deal with contraction pain and make you
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Know the Benefits and Risks of Consuming Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea may still sound unfamiliar to Indonesian people. However, this fermented tea has become a byword for people abroad because it is considered to have many health benefits for the body. Kombucha tea has been consumed for almost 2000 years in China. This tea is obtained through fermentation of tea, yeast, and sugar for a week or more. During the process, acids, bacteria, and alcohol will form in kombucha drinks. This is what makes kombucha tea taste sharp, sour, and smell like vinegar. Benefits of Kombucha Tea Tea, also known as mushroom tea, contains vitamin B, a little alcohol, antioxidants, sodium, sugar, and probiotics. Therefore, kombucha tea is believed to have several health benefits for the body. Based on the results of research from several studies, kombucha is known to have several health benefits, including: 1. Good for digestion The content of antioxidants and probiotics in kombucha tea can strengthen the immune system, fight bad bacteria that cause infect

Winged shoulder blades, This Causes and How to Overcome it

Winged shoulder blades are rare anatomical conditions. Even so, winged shoulder blades can interfere with daily activities and reduce self-confidence. Recognize the causes of winged shoulder blades and what can be done to overcome this condition. As the name implies, shoulder blades will protrude until they form like wings. This condition can interfere with the alignment of arm movements. As a result, movement is very limited, for example when lifting things, brushing teeth, combing hair or changing clothes. Causes of Winged Scapula Winged shoulder blades can be caused by a variety of things, ranging from trauma, muscle injuries, to unknown causes. This causes nerve injury and paralysis of the scapula, such as the one hundred anterior, trapezius or rhomboid muscles. As a result, these muscles cannot pull the shoulder blades and make them stand out like wings. The condition of winged shoulder blades can also be affected by side effects of certain therapies or medical procedures.